Day: July 5, 2019

Level 11 Unlocked Funny Video Gamer Vintage 11th Birthday | Etsy
Birthday Gift Ideas

Children’s birthday scenario idea “Pirate treasure island.»

In this children’s birthday scenario idea, you will need pirate costumes, balls, sheets with unfinished drawings, a basket with nuts, a dish with vegetables. Children pass tasks and guess riddles, moving on the map to find the treasure of pirate John silver. Children in one of the rooms find a hidden old chest (box), old […]

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10 Years Tin Wedding Anniversary Gift Designs by MemWear
Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

What to give for a tin wedding — 10 years (pink)

With a decade of marriage, spouses should be sure to congratulate a good memorable gift. This anniversary is called tin or pink wedding. Therefore, the choice of gifts for 10 years is very diverse. Check what you can give for a tin (pink) wedding in our article! Gifts for the tin wedding 10 Gifts for the […]

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