Children’s birthday scenario idea “Pirate treasure island.»

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In this children’s birthday scenario idea, you will need pirate costumes, balls, sheets with unfinished drawings, a basket with nuts, a dish with vegetables. Children pass tasks and guess riddles, moving on the map to find the treasure of pirate John silver.

Children in one of the rooms find a hidden old chest (box), old one-eyed pirate. And who celebrates his birthday today? Seryozha! Let’s then help him find the treasure! Do you agree? But we need to dress up as pirates so that the old pirate John silver did not guess anything. We’re all fortunate to have found just the right pirate clothing in the chest.

(Children dress up as pirates)

To decide what to do next, you need to consider better a piece of the old map found in the chest. On the route of the puzzle about the closet, and all go there. Once in the closet, we see the next mystery about the vacuum cleaner. Then finding a vacuum cleaner in the pantry, we find another card with a secret. All comparing and checking understand that you need to move into the hall and there to find a cat. On the cat will be a note that children pirates must find a music card and perform the task in it.

There is a music card near the battery. For the following tips, children must complete the task: to perform a dance to the music.

In the new task instruction to move to the fireplace, there is another mystery. A hint will get the best of you.

In the basket throw balls. All participants receive 3 piastres.

During the game on the old map, there was an arrow pointing to the African jungle. Going on the shaft, we find in the jungle monkey, which is a hint, but she will give it only after a fun dance and game.

(The music, all the children dance)

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