What to give for a tin wedding — 10 years (pink)

10 Years Tin Wedding Anniversary Gift Designs by MemWear

With a decade of marriage, spouses should be sure to congratulate a good memorable gift. This anniversary is called tin or pink wedding. Therefore, the choice of gifts for 10 years is very diverse. Check what you can give for a tin (pink) wedding in our article!

Gifts for the tin wedding 10

Gifts for the tin wedding 10 — carcinogens years of marriage is a solemn anniversary in the fate of each family. This anniversary is popularly called the tin or pink wedding. Tin — flexible metal, symbolizes that the couple has learned to find compromises in the relationship and quickly get out of complicated family situations.

The name pink wedding reminds us that there is still a place for romance in family life. In this anniversary all over the preference of pink color. So, clothes, dishes, tablecloth, napkins, snacks, and wine — all must be present delicate pink shades.

Traditionally, the decade of the wedding is celebrated widely, so you need to prepare in advance for the invitation and buy an excellent gift for the heroes of the occasion.

What to give to relatives or friends for a pewter wedding

On the tin wedding perfect gifts such as candlesticks, coasters, statues, bottle holders, sets of glasses of tin. Close friends can buy as a gift a set of tin Cutlery or an original mirror in the frame of this beautiful metal.

Given that the pink wedding, all guests will bring a gift bouquet of roses, you can buy a vase for flowers made of tin. Always useful in the economy tin tray, coffee pot, and wine glasses of this solid metal. The best gift on this day is considered to be the spoons from the tin. Now, these can be bought as a gift with congratulatory inscriptions.

An excellent gift for the tenth anniversary of the wedding — a set of bed linen with roses. On the other hand you can buy anniversaries plaid, bedspread, towels or bathrobes, decorated with patterns in the form of beautiful roses. A wonderful gift for spouses for a pink wedding can be a picture of roses, tea or table set, decorated with these beautiful flowers.

For 10 years of the wedding, you can give any gifts pink.

The theme of the holiday will fit a pink vacuum cleaner, toaster, alarm clock. So, if you do not have money for an expensive gift, you can do with a chest of drawers made of plastic, a MOP, or a bucket of pink color.

What to give your wife for a tin wedding
There is a tradition that a loving husband should present his wife on the day of the pink wedding 11 roses. Ten red flowers are a symbol of years lived in a happy marriage, and the eleventh white rose is the personification of hope for a long and happy future life.

On the tenth anniversary, it is possible to give your beloved wife a mobile phone, laptop, MP3 player, tablet computer, e-book or USB-stick pink. This gift will be accepted with admiration because most women are very fond of “glamorous” technique.


Jewelry will also look more than appropriate as a gift for a pewter wedding. For this case, perfect earrings, rings or pendants with pink stones. Also on sale, you can find original alloy products with the addition of tin, and for the storage of numerous ornaments can be bought as a gift tin box.

What to give to a tin wedding husband
As a playful but adorable gift to his wife on the tenth anniversary of the wedding, so you can provide a set of tin soldiers. A real man will like the model of small arms or bladed weapons from this symbolic metal. The fan of Board games will be delighted with tin chess, and the connoisseur of beer with pleasure will accept a beer mug from a tin.

From inexpensive gifts, you can look at trinkets or small figures made of this flexible metal. If nothing symbolic to find will work — it does not matter.

In other words, any gift made with love will be accepted with great joy.

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